Our Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of businesses, business professionals, and individuals from all over Concordia Parish who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the economic and community development of Concordia Parish as a whole.  That means not just Vidalia and Ferriday, but also Monterey, Clayton, and Ridgecrest as well.

It is our business to help you succeed in your business.  We do this, in part, by:

  • Utilizing the promotion opportunities available to us.
  • Offering programs that teach marketing practices, hiring, safety, and other subjects important to small businesses.
  • Networking opportunities that put you face to face with your business neighbors
  • Working closely with legislators and government administrators to promote a healthy business environment.

Our board meets every first Tuesday of the month at 1401 Carter Street, Vidalia.  Your presence and input at these meetings is welcome, as we value the opinions and advice of our business community.

The General Membership meeting is a very cordial noon luncheon that takes place the second Tuesday of each month.  We normally alternate locations between Ferriday’s Arcade Theater and Vidalia’s Comfort Suites or Convention Center.  We do our utmost to have informative, interesting speakers who can contribute to the knowledge and success of our businesses and/or community.  This meeting is one of our many networking opportunities.  You may find yourself having lunch with a business person with common interests, a banker, or a marketing representative from radio, tv, print, or internet companies!  It’s a great time to ask questions and offer your own knowledge and expertise.  Non-members are especially encouraged to attend, as it’s a great chance to find out more about us!


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